The Statue of Liberty & Lady Justice

The Statue of Liberty & Lady Justice.
The Statue of Liberty & Lady Justice

My version of the Statue of Liberty & Lady Justice are both a big fuck you to the mainstream media who dictate the herd of sheep what to think. Liberal snowflakes and media, whether you are in Quebec, Canada or live in the United States it is the same thing. The dictatorship of the politically correctness.

Ho of Liberty / Statue of Liberty is a mockery and a middle finger to the hypocrisy of the etablishment and the mainstream media aka liberal propaganda machine.  “Kill the Snowflakes” written on her tummy is self-explained.

My drunk and wasted Miss Media / Lady Justice at right is the illustration that “justice” is dictated by the media. The same media that feed the herd with shit instead of common sense. As seen in the balance, the load of crap is a lot heavier than the brain. Without forgetting, the snowflake dictatorship armband. Media = liberal snowflakes. Who came first, the snowflakes or the media?