Allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is PYGOD

Mass Uploader x Brand Owner x Fine Artist

Satans Schlongs by PYGOD
I’ve been drawing and creating for all my life, literally. As a child, I was blessed with extraordinary drawing skills. I can say that I was blessed with a natural talent for drawing. All I can say about it is that when you have a natural talent like mine it doesn’t fade away if you aren’t using it. I’ve never drawn everyday, oftentimes I was months without touching a pencil. My drawing has always been fueled by my Creativity. Before Satans Schlongs, I was exclusively drawing Combatants that I’ve invented for my SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe. My main motivation for SLAUGHTERSPORT has always been and still is World Building. I don’t create characters, I create real people.


My deep hatred for 9-to-5 and disdain for authority motivated me to be a solopreneur since 2005. Consequently, I’ve created and still operate several websites and blogs on a diversity of subjects that I’m passionated about. And I’ve also been and still is a T-shirt designer  since 2007. Since 2020 I can say that I am a full-time T-shirt designer (uploader), licensing my thousands of designs on several platforms all over the web. And you can be sure that on these platforms, I have something for everyone. Which is far from the case here on the Satans Schlongs Bunker. Here you will see real Artwork, not vulgar, interchangeable designs like those that you can see and buy for peanuts everywhere else.


“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” — Vince Lombardi


My Art isn’t made to be cheap. Unlike most artists, I don’t prostitute myself for peanuts doing commissions that don’t interest me.

My Art derived from an amalgamation of subcultures, including but not limited to Heavy Metal, outlaw bikers, punk, grunge, and hip hop. 

100% ORIGINAL HAND ILLUSTRATED POLITICALLY INCORRECT COLORED PENCIL ARTWORKS and sloppy handwriting realized with Sharpie permanent markers from my left hand only. No digital drawing, no digital fonts on my Artworks. What you will see here came from my soul, my guts, my heart: Satans Schlongs. That’s what I call true Art! It’s not about mass uploading or world building, it’s about the pleasure and the satisfaction of creating Artistic Masterpieces that I hope you will appreciate as much as I do.

I know that my Art is not for everyone. You will either love it or hate it. But it won’t leave you indifferent. Which is 100% fine with me. Black or white, no gray zone. Dig or despise. That’s the way I like it!


“A painting that doesn’t shock isn’t worth painting.” — Marcel Duchamp


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