Blog vs. Instagram: The Dilemma

Like social media expert and self-promoter extraordinaire Gary Vee would say. Be a Media Company first, then sell your product. To get traffic, eyeballs, and growing your audience. Create content


Okay, fine, I’m a blogger.

But what about my social media presence?

Since I don’t like to go half-ass on anything. Often time you are facing dilemmas. Having between two or more options. Its always better to have several choices than having no choice at all.

But time is precious and limited. 

And knowing the indeniable fact that: 

An email subscriber is gold and worth far more than a follower on social media or a page view. 

Since there is only 24 hours in a day, busy people and entrepreneurs have to cut back and concentrate their effort in what they think could be more beneficial in the long-run.

Speaking for myself, I have three full-time jobs (I hate this word. Let’s replace it by more pleasant word) vocations.

Mass Uploader x Brand Owner x Fine Artist

Let me explain.

  • Mass Uploader = Designer. My first occupation, which is a thing on its own completely dissociated from my two other vocations. I’ve designed and uploaded thousands of designs on several Print-On-Demand platforms. It can be seen as self-licensing.
  • Brand Owner = Influencer. Being a brand owner is all about Mass Marketing. Which lead to licensing and manufacturing. Influencer.
  • Fine Artist = Artist. Becoming the very best Artist you can be and producing original and authentic Artwork by yourself.

I will do here in my bunker, what I would do on instagram or any other social media account or page. Except there will be NO CENSORSHIP and I will post whatever the fuck I want. Without fearing reprisals from the platform since I own the platform, I AM THE PLATFORM. Nobody can kick me out of my bunker. 

The reason why I call this blog/website my Bunker. It’s because of the warm comfort I feel when I’m working on this blog. No fuckin’ censorship! No fuckin’ limit! No fear of being kicked out!! This is my blog. This is my house. This is My Bunker.



It’s a no-brainer that a blog post has more reach than an instagram post.


ON THE OTHER SIDE, I’m listening to a lot of Gary Vee those days, an extremely knowledgeable and lightning fast guy by the way. As a social media expert and Instagram advocate (a lot less these days), Gary Vee stated that he doesn’t really care about which social media he currently uses. For him, social medias are tools just like a billboards is or a TV add is. Nothing more, nothing less. Not more important than the current #1 TV show that you use to advertise on.  Gary Vee used to post on MySpace, but he isn’t anymore.

You’ll learn the skillset of being a communicator.


After all, MASS MARKETING (Your Brand) as I described it, is all about 3 Things.

  • Advertising. Require Money and an expertise in knowing what’s work and what doesn’t.
  • SEO. Has some monthly fees, requires some technical knowledge and content. The more content the better.
  • Social Media. Requires content to attract followers. CONSISTENCY required.

And many visual artists stated that without Instagram they wouldn’t have a career. A bold statement who isn’t hard to believe.



Create more content for this blog, contents that I will spray all over my other websites/blogs and social media accounts. Using everything I can as TOOLS. Nothing else. And Instagram is certainly a very interesting tool for a visual Artist like myself.



As you can see on the chart above. Both take about 2-3 years of CONSTANT effort to build an audience. Consistency is the name of the game here.

Internet celebrities, or influencers, can be broken into six different sizes: Nano, Micro, Medium, Macro, Mega, and Celebrity. Instagram is usually the measuring stick for Influencers, since IG is still the #1 social media platform for influencers. But the below categorization takes into account the number followers on all social media platforms combined.

  • Nano influencers: Between 1,000 to 5,000 followers.
  • Micro influencer:  Between 5,000 to 20,000 followers.
  • Medium influencer: Between 20,000 to 100,000 followers.
  • Macro influencer:  Between 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers.
  • Mega influencer: Between 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 followers.
  • Celebrity: Over 5,000,000 followers.


With that being said, and discovering that Instagram has a lot of reach even for a brand new account like mine. I will create contents, as much as possible as suggested by Gary Vee, to publish on this very blog/website (my Bunker) and to my new Instagram page @SatansSchlongs

This blog is my bunker and Instagram is a tool to send people to this very blog.

Maybe I will have a change my mind when my Instagram following begin to grow. Since it seem a lot easier to get eyeballs on Instagram than on a personal blog. Instagram has 1 billion users worldwide.


STAY CAUTIOUS: Gary Vee stated to not become too enamored with the social media platform that put you on the map. Since, eventually, like any other thing, they may vannish and die. Does anyone remember MySpace and its queen Tila Tequila? MySpace was on top of the world for six years. Then, nothing, zero, nada. By the way, its queen Tila Tequila became legitimately bat-shit crazy trying and failing to stay relevant. 

MySpace is dead. Tombstone grave   Obsolete MySpace queen Tila Tequila

That’s the reason why, Gary Vee’s prescription for Instafamous and YouTubers is divertification. No matter how famous you are, he strongly suggests daily activity on several social media platforms, especially the new ones. 






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