Jesus Christ Pose: Me Too movement vs. Redneck Zombies

Jesus Christ Pose: Me Too movement vs. Redneck Zombies
Jesus Christ Pose: metoo vs redneck zombies.

Politically incorrect as usual, I named this Fine Artwork, Jesus Christ Pose. Here I take a swing at both extremes of the American political spectrum. The liberal snowflakes and the conservative rednecks. Since the #metoo movement has degenerate into accusing anybody of sexual assault then the accusee is proven guilty without process and roasted by the fake news medias. Meanwhile #metoo “victims” posing as martyr in the medias. Here come the title “Jesus Christ Pose”.

And on the opposite side of the political spectrum, there are many MAGA (Make America Great Again) supporters who believe in all kind of bat-shit crazy conspiracy theories. 

Which gave birth to my latest creation: Jesus Christ Pose. The Me Too movement vs. the Zombie Rednecks.


On a side note: By now, Donald Trump name, MAGA, and any word associated with him are banned on the major (repressive) American social medias to please the noisy minority aka the “offended” assholes. Trump was democratically elected in 2016 to be demonized as Adolf Hitler four years later?!? They elected him and now they want to erase him from the history books!? What a clusterfuck!??! 

What do you think un-American people think about the United States of America?? Yes, indeed!


Check out the making of Jesus Christ Pose. Artwork in progress.